Bug Reports

Filing a bug report:

  • Create a github account
  • Submit a tracking issue: https://github.com/triplea-game/triplea/issues/new, you’ll need to give the topic a title, and fill out a description of what you would like done. Please try to be as concise and specific as you can. Always please try to give specific examples of problems, map names, etc, to help make it very easy to focus in directly on what the problem is.

Handling bug reports

The overall goal is to keep a tracking ticket so we can discuss and identify problems/features, and pick them up as time and effort becomes available. Secondly, issue’s tend to be most ideal when they are an isolated, bite-sized nugget. The hope is someone can pick up on upe, read it quickly, and really understand enough context of the problem and have directions to reproduce the problem, at which point they can immediately begin work.